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How To Hide Your Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing Body Jewelry Styles

Are you seeking a daring and trendy way to showcase your individuality? Look no further than the Septum piercing! This body piercing trend is sleek, sophisticated, and intimidating, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make a statement.

The Septum piercing also provides numerous opportunities for customization. You can select from a variety of body jewelry options, including tiny Seam Rings, Circular Barbells, and Captive Bead Clusters, to accentuate your piercing. Furthermore, due to its quick healing time and ability to be easily concealed, the Septum piercing is a practical and striking option.

Why not explore the various styles of body jewelry available for the Septum piercing? With a vast selection of sparkling gems and understated stone settings, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer a bold and daring appearance or something more subdued, the Septum piercing serves as the perfect canvas for displaying your unique style.

While it is easily hidden from view, the Septum piercing can sport a variety of body jewelry options. Some of those options include the following:

    Retainers-You better hide that piercing at work!
    Circular Barbells
    Captive Bead Rings
    Seam Rings
    Segment Rings
    Straight Barbells
    Eyelets and Tunnels


Need to hide your Septum piercing for work?

If hiding is your goal, select a Retainer! The Septum piercing is no stranger to the game of peek-a-boo. A Retainer is perfect for wearers who prefer a choice between showing off their Septum piercing and hiding it from mom. As for visual appeal, colors can be anodized and various lengths are available. The Retainer is also functionally designed to be in a “locked” or “unlocked” position. When it is tucked up and nestled safely on either side of the Septum, the Retainer is “locked”, reducing the chances of accidental retainer loss. This position allows the wearer to hide the Septum piercing without removing jewelry (TSFW…Totally Safe For Work).

In the “unlocked” position, you can show off your Septum piercing. In this position, it is easier to accidentally knock the body jewelry out during rough play or even during a kissing session (noses get a lot of action during a kiss!). Make sure to turn your retainer into the upright, “locked” position before rough play, sports and nose impact activities. The staple  or "U" shaped style is the most comfortable for daily wear. The metal versions, either stainless steel or titanium, are most popular.

Be sure to check our blog frequently for upcoming articles about circular barbells and other body jewelry options for septum piercings.

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