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Exploring the Sweet Spot: A Comprehensive Guide to Septum Piercing

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The ultimate goal for your professional body piercer when performing a septum piercing is to make sure the piercing channel runs through your "sweet spot".

Your piercer will be in charge of proper placement for your septum piercing. Depending on how large of an area your septum "sweet spot" takes up, you can certainly have at least one septum piercing, if not two. Most piercees go for the classic, one septum piercing look while others decide to stretch their piercing channel to allow for a stacked look. Then you have the piercing fans who decide to do a double septum piercing. That's two separate septum piercings in the sweet spot. Individual anatomy will dictate if that's a possibility.

To elaborate on your "sweet spot", let’s get up inside your nose for a bit here.

We’re not actually looking for your septum. Your septum is that very sturdy portion in your nose dividing your nostril channels.

To pierce your septum "sweet spot", we need to make sure we’re in front of your septum. The septum in your nose is actually a divider and it is thick, not something you’d want pierced at all! We’re after the "sweet spot", a thin little piece of tissue between your septum and the tip of your nose.

Your body piercing professional will know how to find your septum sweet spot, rest assured. You'll work together as a team to make sure that you are comfortable with the placement and height for your septum piercing.

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Now that we’ve found this super thin "sweet spot", the next step is proper placement. Every person has unique anatomy and because of this, placement for each person will be slightly different.

Septum piercing placement is dependent on your own anatomy. Some noses have very little thin spots that are extremely tiny. Some noses have wide areas and a lot of room. Mix in some previously broken noses and deviated septums in there and you’ve got a variety of placements!

From here, after securing where to pierce in front of your septum, your skilled and licensed body piercer (please go to a professional) will work with you to verify that the placement they’ve found is to your liking.

Check all the angles, if possible. Look at the sides, making sure that the dots are approximately the same height and the same distance back from the inside of the tip of your nose.

Make sure you're happy with the proposed placement before the piercing is performed. Once you're satisfied with the placement, your body piercer can proceed.

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After the placement has been decided upon, now it’s time for the main event, getting your septum pierced. This is where you should practice deep breathing or controlled breathing.

Hopefully your piercer can coach you through this as they pierce (many do), but if they don’t, imagine yourself in your favorite place and breathe in and out slowly. Focus on that only. The actual piercing itself, the pressure is very quick and soon enough it's done! Septum pierced!

Now that your septum is pierced, check out our gorgeous selection of body piercing jewelry for your fresh septum piercing.


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