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They're For Real: 15 Unusual Body Locations For A Piercing

Not that long ago, having a simple ear piercing was considered to be a fashion forward trend. A lot of people wore earrings to look and feel good.

Today, piercings are no longer exclusive to the earlobe. In case you haven’t noticed, they are now done in different parts of the body, and some of them just mighty blow your mind away. Take a deep breath, gather up some guts, then read on to know these 15 unusual body locations that you can get pierced.

1. Between The Butt Cheeks

Typically, when you bend or sit down, your pants are pulled down a bit, exposing your bum cleavage. Imagine that is happening in front of you, and you see a silver stud in between the butt cheeks. Yes! That is the location for this body piercing. But according to an article in Trend Hunter, it takes a special kind of skin to be able to have this done. (Holger Mohr)

butt cheek swim suit photo

The type of skin may be important, but other factors are also considered.
Think of a surface piercing on the chest, belly button or eyebrow and then apply that concept to the space above your butt cheeks. This type of piercing is considered a surface piercing.
It's important to note that not every body piercer will take the time to consider these factors. If these are important to you, do your own research and find a professional piercer that's right for YOU.
Surface Piercing 
A surface piercing may be evaluated for long term viability and safety prior to the actual piercing paperwork and procedure. The following may be considered during a surface piercing consultation.
  • Skin Health & Thickness
  • Daily Activity Levels
  • Clothing Choices
  • Likelihood of Accidental Snags

2. Through The Cheek

We are not talking butt cheeks this time. This is the actual facial cheeks. This body piercing is done from one side of the mouth to another, and then a large ring is placed to keep the whole open, exposing the molars. It appears like you have a mouth on the side of your face. It is certainly uncommon, but a guy from Germany has it done he enjoys sticking his tongue out through his cheek.

girl getting a corset piercing src wikipedia commons

3. Corset Piercing On The Back

Well, you know what a corset is. Instead of the loops through which the string goes, a corset piercing has piercings on your back with rings for the string to go through. This looks just as pretty as it is painful, but some brave girls are happy to have that done all along their back, legs, or wherever you can think of putting the studs. You should, however, know your skin type before you do this.

bridge piercing on male src wikimedia commons

4. Nose Bridge

This is one you can have fun with. Just above your nose where the eyebrows usually meet, that is where this piercing is done, creating a bridge from one side of your nose to another. Some people have thought of this idea to fit reading glasses on that bridge. Maybe they imagined the price of a nose piercing would be cheaper than buying a pair of reading glasses.

5. Finger Piercing

Finger piercing is typically done at the base of a finger, usually located where you wear a ring. Unlike most piercings, this type is a single-point piercing that doesn’t go out to the other side. It is done by an O needle punch or single needle to pierce through the skin layers and make a pocket. Finger piercing also uses a different kind of piercing jewelry called a dermal anchor base. If you want this kind of body piercing, you have to look for a professional piercer to perform this on you.

6. Spinal Spikes

These piercings are done from the inside out to set spikes on the back along the line of your spinal cord. Some people do it from the head down to the lower back. You probably would not want to jump on their back for a piggyback ride.

horizontal lip piercing on female

7. Horizontal Lip Piercing

Lately, a lip piercing is something not so unusual. Well, what if the piercing runs across the lip like a smile? That is the piercing being described here. You probably will not be kissing with your lower lip for a while after getting this done. Due to the high amount of movement, you might not keep this one in long. Imagine smiling with a bar in your lip. Yikes.

picture of Elane Davidson world record for facial piercings src wikimedia commons

8. All Over The Face

You can pick particular parts of your face to pierce, but Elaine Davidson, from Scotland, chose to pierce just about every part of her face. It is an odd choice, and she is one of the only ones with such a piercing collection, making her to way to the Guinness Book for having the most piercings. How many does she have? Davidson has over 9,000 piercings on her body. Do you dare to be like her?

9. Through The Gum

If you fear visits to the dentist because of the injections you may get, this is not something you will want to try. The piercing is done right on the gum above a tooth where there are just flesh and no teeth. Yes, it is quite intense, but it takes a lot of courage to get one.

uvula piercing mock up src wikimedia commons

10. Uvula

So you thought you have seen it all? There is still more to see. It is a mystery why someone would pierce their uvula, but some people have done such a thing. If you wish to get this body modification, make sure that you will think this through. There's a high risk of swallowing the body jewelry.

eyelid piercing on man with large colorful facial tattoo src wikemedia commons

11. Eye

This is not about the upper eyebrow, but this is a piercing through the eyelid itself. It means that every time you blink, the metal rubs against your eye. Unless of course you do not have an eyeball. A heavy modification not recommended for the general public, if anyone other than Tuerto.

See more Tuerto here.

12. Lower Chin

This is somewhat similar to the cheek piercing. But the difference is that it is done just below the lower lip. Once the piercing is done, a big ring is inserted to keep it open like a second mouth. Often glass or stone flat back labrets are worn in large gauge sizes to allow teeth to show through. Does it sound like something you can do?

septum piercing src pixabay

13. Along The Nose

Here is another similar to the one mentioned earlier. It is like getting a number of nose bridge piercings along the nose, but then a flexible metal snakes itself through the piercing just like the corset.

14. Dog Collar

The name says it all. A dog collar piercing is a series of piercings around the neck, just like how a dog collar is placed around the dog’s neck. Curved barbells or single point piercings are utilized to create such a pattern. This certainly is a unique way to stylize your body.

15. Leg piercing

You can have any part of your leg pierced and a number of studs inserted through them. One of the most insane leg piercings is a barbell through the Achilles tendon. Single point piercings (aka dermals) are possible all down the legs. Some people choose to adorn their tattoos with dermal piercings on their legs.

Well, there you have it, the 15 unusual body locations for a piercing. Do you have an unusual piercing? Tell us in the comment section below.

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