August 31, 2017

picture of rose gold anodized titanium opal body jewelry

David Guetta sings, “I’m bulletproof….fire away…fire away…you shoot me down but I won’t fall…I am titanium!” Sing with me now…fire away….Wait, wrong titanium reference. Sorry, it’s 9 am and I’m over caffeinated. Titanium body jewelry…let’s go!

So what's all the hype about titanium? I've been reading everywhere that people have been abandoning stainless steel in favor for titanium in the body jewelry industry. Now, I'm a product of the 90s where everything was big, silver and stainless steel. Titanium wasn't even a thing yet, and if it was it was, it was extremely expensive. Fast forward to today where body piercing has evolved into a giant body jewelry industry. Companies like BVLA and Anatometal lead the way and titanium the so-called “metal of the Gods” (TheLuxuryChannel)  is like the popular girl in high school. Now I'm a fan of following and supporting innovations and forward progress, which is why I'd like to tell you a little bit more about titanium. First of all, I am talking about 100% titanium, not plated titanium anything… I’ll talk about the dangers (yikes!) of piercing with plated material in another blog post. Okay back to titanium. Do you even know how titanium is made? Well if you don't, this YouTube video below is like a book (bring a snack), giving you an in-depth look at the fascinating world in which titanium is created.

Neat video am I right?!

Moving on to go over how this relates to titanium body jewelry. The first important point especially in the body jewelry industry is that titanium is 100% hypoallergenic. Hypowhaaat? What this means is that at least approximately 99.9% of any metal allergies or sensitivities will be alleviated by wearing titanium. It does not contain irritants like nickel. Now I am not trying to say that everyone needs to wear titanium. Although in a perfect world, I’d love to make sure that no one experiences a negative reaction to the body jewelry they're wearing. Hopefully one day titanium will be as commonplace as stainless steel. In the meantime, the best thing to do if you are having a problem or reaction to stainless steel body jewelry, or any piece of jewelry like gold is to give titanium a try. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that you no longer have a reaction to your body jewelry.
picture of a hand writing the word allergy img src wikipedia commons

Another cool feature of titanium that is a style enhancing parlor trick is anodizing. This colorful science project called anodizing is quite the amazing process. Anodizing is a procedure that changes the surface molecular structure of titanium. This change produces various colors along the color spectrum.

picture of the color spectrum

Some of the most popular anodized colors are currently rose gold, yellow gold, blurple, which is a combination of blue and purple, bronze, ice blue and pink. Anodizing titanium can take your personal style to a new level, not to mention it brings out the best in certain gem combinations as well as opal combinations. For example, our creamy white opals look absolutely stunning when the titanium is anodized rose gold. You can also bring out the pink hues in the white opals by anodizing the piece hot pink. If you want to pull the blue flecks in the opals out, ice blue is a good anodizing choice. Experimenting with different combinations of anodized titanium and gemstones is one of our favorite hobbies. We take especially good care with custom orders to produce beautiful anodized titanium body jewelry that is out of this world colorful!

picture of anodized titanium parts

There’s one last thing I’d like to share about titanium before I split and grab an iced latte, soy milk (it’s the best).

picture of iced coffee img src flickr

Titanium is relatively more affordable than 100% sold gold. Think about that for a second…if your wallet is only moderately fat and not overflowing, you might truly love the advantage anodized titanium gives you to achieve that all rose gold look or that solid yellow gold glamorous look without the hefty price tag. I often suggest anodized titanium after a customer decides that solid gold it's too expensive for them at the time. Oftentimes they choose customizing by anodization. This process produces a satisfying experience. Clients are satisfied with the quality of the titanium and the overall look that is still achieved within their price range. I love meeting clients in the middle.

Well that’s it for now Siren Body Jewelry fans, I’m off to go anodize some custom titanium jewelry! If you'd like your own custom anodized titanium body jewelry, submit your request to us. Send us your details (gauge, length, etc) and I'll personally help you with your order.


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