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When Can I Change My Daith Piercing Jewelry?

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Congratulations on getting your daith pierced! Now that you've gone under the needle, it's time to start drooling over some gorgeous new daith body jewelry! Making sure that you're past the initial healing is the most important thing to consider before you change out your daith jewelry. Other important factors to consider include whether or not your piercing has discharge, redness or irritation. Knowing the correct gauge and diameter is a must along with making sure your body is healthy and stress free!

>>Quick Fix

  • I have had my Daith piercing for at least 4 months.
  • I have no discharge, redness or irritation around my Daith piercing.
  • I know the gauge and diameter I need for my Daith jewelry.
  • I am not currently sick or under extreme stress.

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Healing Time Frame

Has it been at least 4 to 6 months since you got your daith pierced? If so, you are in the safe zone for changing out your daith jewelry. Although you can change out your jewelry at 2 months out, doing so is risky. Waiting at least 4 to 6 months ensures that you won't be hindering the healing process. After about 4 to 6 months, you can change out your jewelry. Remember that cartilage piercing, like the daith piercing, do take between 6-9 months to heal completely, if not longer depending on your own body and how well aftercare was performed.

Daith Piercing Appearance

Is your piercing free of discharge, redness and irritation? If so, you can change out your daith jewelry. Just be aware that when you do change out your jewelry, it may cause irritation and redness in or around the piercing channel for a few days after as your daith piercing is still not fully healed and the new jewelry creates a response. Monitor your daith piercing and clean it like normal after switching to new daith jewelry. This will help ease the transition into the new body jewelry.

What's The Size I Need?

Do you know the gauge and diameter that you are currently wearing in your daith piercing? If so, you're cleared for a shopping spree! The most common gauge and diameter for a daith piercing is 16g and 5/16" (8mm). A larger diameter of 3/8" is also appropriate for a daith piercing. If you have larger daith anatomy or just like to wear larger pieces, 3/8" is perfect too! With this knowledge, you can safely shop for the right gauge and diameter, making sure that you're putting in the correct size for your daith piercing. If you need help with sizing or feel like your daith jewelry is larger than 16g, you can contact us for assistance.

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Do I Feel Good?

Am I in good health and not under extreme stress? Being sick and being subjected to stress can hinder your daith piercing healing process. Even if you've had your daith piercing for over 4 months and you have no visible discharge, irritation or redness, being sick and/or under extreme stress can subject you to a hindered jewelry change. Make sure that your body is in good health, you're not currently experiencing a cold or have a broken bone. Also double check your stress level, if school exams or work schedules are hectic, wait until the extra life pressure subsides. Your body and daith piercing will thank you!

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