Nipple Barbells & Hoops

Rose gold nipple rings jewelry titanium nipple piercing barbells 14g straight barbells internally threaded 1/2 5/8 pick your length

Delicately slathered in champagne rose gold, these rose gold nipple rings have been anodized and then polished to a rich sheen.

Adorned on each side with a smooth, 4mm round ball threaded end, these 100% titanium nipple piercing barbells are best worn in nipple, cheek and tongue piercings.

Contact us if you need a custom length pair.

Sold as a pair.

Item Specifics:

Gauge: 14g (1.6mm)
Length: 1/2", 9/16”, 5/8”
Threaded Ball Diameter: 4mm
Threading: Internal
Metal Composition: Anodized Rose Gold

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Did you know that both males and females can get their nipples pierced?

While this isn't something outrageous, the more peculiar thing is that the nipple jewelry length varies greatly between male and female nipple piercees. Can you guess what gender most commonly has the longer length? If you guessed, female, you were right! Due to mostly larger nipple anatomy, female nipple piercings require much more length than male nipple piercings. The most common length for both genders is 1/2" while it's more common to have longer lengths like 9/16" and 5/8" in females. Shorter lengths like 5/16" and 3/8" are more common in males.

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