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Changes In Response To COVID-19

In response to the uproar COVID-19 is causing worldwide, we have closed our physical tattoo & piercing shop storefront.

To honor the health and safety of our clients and to abide by the law, we are not currently performing piercings, tattoos, stretching or jewelry insertions.

Online & Phone Jewelry Orders

All body jewelry orders are processed in a timely manner.

The USPS works hard to deliver packages on time. They continue to do an amazing job.

Body jewelry is cleaned in the ultrasonic prior to sterilization before being bagged.

PPE is used at all times.

We've always been ahead of the cleanliness curve, especially being trained well in BBP regulations and the use of sterile fields. 

You can rest assured that we always have and continue to provide superior quality body jewelry in a safe and healthy environment both online and in real time.

Sending you a smile and love!