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Sick of wasting money on body jewelry that isn't the right length?

Tired of being frustrated with online purchases?

With our magnetic body jewelry measuring tool, you'll no longer have to throw your money out the window.

Be confident in your purchases and take control of your body jewelry adventure!

Let's get rid of the frustration! No more guessing.

Traditionally, all these questions could MAYBE be answered by a body piercer in a shop.

But you'd have to cross your fingers and hope that the piercer was in that day or that they have the time to help you.

We're tired of clients not having access to their own body modification knowledge, if they want it.

We're more than happy to do all the work for you, but this gorgeous magnetic tool really helps us help YOU while we communicate online.

What a sweet deal.

You're more educated about what sizes you want and need...we can help you even more knowing that the important sizing and gauge details are covered. 

Created with our online clients in mind, do-it-your-selfers...and the too shy to get measured in store, this magnetic design is amazing.

Take the hassle out of online shopping.

Be in control of your own body and be satisfied, knowing that you can use our simple tool to make an educated purchase.

We've crafted this magnetic to useful and easy to keep around. Stick this to your toolbox, fridge or anything else magnetic you enjoy!

Sold Individually.

If you need assistance measuring your body jewelry at home, please don't hesitate to call us

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