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Hide Your Piercings With Clear Body Jewelry Retainers | Siren Body Jewelry


There are plenty of meanings for a retainer. In general, a retainer is a type of tool, used to keep something in place. In this case, a body piercing retainer is a clear, plastic tool that goes around the pierced part of the body to hide the piercing. We have different kinds of body piercing retainers like the nose piercing retainers, the septum piercing retainers, the nipple piercing retainers and so on.

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Body piercing retainers are designed to be discreet, at the same time as keeping your piercing open. The retainers are made from Bioflex, and so they are perfectly safe to wear during operations, MRI's and x-rays. Ideal for wearing to school or work if your boss or teacher is less enthusiastic about body piercings, these piercing retainers will smartly keep your piercing open, without drawing any attention to them.

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Keep your septum and nose piercing open and healthy with a piercing retainer. This smart piece of jewelry can be used to hide your piercing or just worn as a simple piece of jewelry. When you have to remove your nipple rings for a surgical procedure or test, there are nipple piercing retainers to keep your piercings open.

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There are inexpensive retainers that can be put into place when you are at work. The clear material makes them hardly visible, but they also come in black and peach if you are interested. You can purchase straight retainers, which go directly into the hole and are secured in place on the inside or curved retainers that secure themselves without any fixings.

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Regrettably, certain negative connotations are linked with piercings that may not be accepted in formal work settings. However, the good news is that you can easily conceal the piercing without having to remove the jewelry. By using a circular barbell and positioning it inside your nostril instead of letting the ends hang down, you can successfully hide the piercing. In case you need to remove the piercing, you can purchase a flesh-colored retainer to camouflage it.

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If you love the look of nose or septum piercings but are uneasy about potential job prospects, you can purchase a retainer. So many body jewelry manufacturers have created flesh and clear colored retainers; to be precise jewelry specifically designed to preserve the integrity of your piercing while blending with the rest of your face. These enable you to keep your piercings from closing up because, like most facial piercings, the holes will close relatively quickly. If you are interested in a body piercing (or two or even three), there is really no reason for you to hold back when there are body piercing retainers.

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You should be sure that the retainer is the perfect size and shape. It's crucial that it is packaged in a sterile manner, small polythene bag, preferably sealed, in order to keep out germs or bacteria. We suggest purchasing a retainer in a color that matches your skin color or a transparent retainer that will look discreet.

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