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Shopping Online For Rook Piercing Jewelry? Read This First!

Posted by Valerie Sunder on

The Rook piercing is a stylish, vertical piercing of the upper ear cartilage ledge above the Tragus and below the upper conch area. It  can house many different styles of body jewelry, but we're focusing on these two: Curved Barbells and Captive Bead Rings.Curved Barbells: Do you like the idea of a simple, streamlined piece but want variety?Curved barbells are one option for your Rook piercing. They contain three parts, the two locking ends and the curved shaft. Since both of the ends are removable, this allows for a greater variety of ends and combinations. You can put a red...

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Septum Piercing: An Insider's Look At Finding Your Sweet Spot

Posted by Valerie S on

The ultimate goal for your professional body piercer when performing a septum piercing is to make sure the piercing channel runs through your "sweet spot". Your piercer will be in charge of proper placement for your septum piercing. Depending on how large of an area your septum "sweet spot" takes up, you can certainly have at least one septum piercing, if not two. Most piercees go for the classic, one septum piercing look while others decide to stretch their piercing channel to allow for a stacked look. Then you have the piercing fans who decide to do a double septum...

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