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Yellow gold nose stud CZ trio gemstone center design

Yellow gold nose stud CZ trio gemstone center design

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This exquisite nose bone is meticulously crafted from 14k solid yellow gold and showcases a trio of captivating gemstones. The clear CZ trio, elegantly nestled in delicate prong settings, boasts a diameter of 3.7mm.

With a subtle size just under 4mm, this nostril piercing trio is perfect for everyday wear, exuding both delicacy and beauty, making a striking fashion statement.

Dare to elevate your style by upgrading to this gold nostril stud design adorned with a trio of CZ gemstones, offering a refreshing twist on the conventional prong set gemstone.

The nose bone feature is particularly favored by individuals who value the stability it provides for a healed nostril piercing. Thanks to its design, nose bones are highly resistant to movement and unlikely to dislodge. The slight protrusion inside your nose, often referred to as a "bump," plays a crucial role in keeping the nose bone securely in place.

As a result, your nostril tissue naturally clings to the shaft and the bone, significantly reducing the risk of losing this precious piece of body jewelry.

Shop now and embrace the beauty that lasts a lifetime.


Item Details: 

Gauge: 18g
Length: 7mm
Material: 14k Solid Yellow Gold
Gemstone: Premium CZ Gemstones
Gemstone Trio Top Diameter: 3.7mm

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