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Gold nose bone 18g yellow gold 14k CZ gemstone trio nostril stud

Created out of 14k solid yellow gold, this petite gold nose bone features a stunning gemstone trio. Set in delicate prong settings, this trio measures in at 3.7mm in diameter total.

Just shy of 4mm, this trio is delicate enough to wear daily but gorgeous enough to make a statement. 

Step away from your classic prong set gemstone and upgrade to a trio!

The nose bone feature is popular for those who appreciate the stability of a nose bone in a healed nostril piercing.

They are usually the least likely to move around and fall out since the bump actually helps hold the nose bone in place from the inside of your nose.

Personally nose bones are one of my personal favorites, along with L bends.

Item Details: 

Gauge: 18g
Length: 8mm
Material: 14k Solid Yellow Gold
Gemstone: CZ Clear

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