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16g Titanium flat back labret earring internally threaded 4mm Swarovski gemstone clear 1/4-5/16" helix, tragus, conch, lip


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his stunning titanium labret features a crystal clear Swarvoski gemstone.

With a bezel setting and a 4mm diameter, the gemstone is elegant in conch, earlobe and tragus piercings.

This piece is our favorite for initial conch piercings in our studio. The smooth setting makes healing a breeze, not to mention it is also hypoallergenic.

Sold individually.

~||✧ Item Specifics: ✧||~

Gauge: 16g
Length: 1/4" (6mm), 7mm, 5/16" (8mm), or 9mm
Stone Diameter: 4mm
Stone: Swarovski Clear
Threading: Internal
Metal Composition: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
Style: Flat Back Labret

Where to Wear It: Cartilage, Conch, Earlobe, Philtrum, Lip, Tragus, Helix