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16g Titanium flat back labret 1/4"-5/16" piercing stud internally threaded 3mm ball end helix tragus earlobe lip jewelry


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Elegant and classy, these hypoallergenic titanium flat back labret studs feature our popular 3mm diameter bead ends in your favorite anodized color.

These 16g titanium flat back labret studs feature comfortable and  secure internal thread pattern. Ease of insertion and secure fit makes these ideal for body piercings.

Mix and match this 16g titanium bead labret in a triple piercing set to create a unique look.

Love a minimalistic aesthetic? Try three of these in a row.

Crafted from quality titanium, these are hypoallergenic and safe for initial, healing and healed piercings.

Sold Individually. Order quantity 2 for a pair.

Gauge: 16g (1.2mm)
Length: 1/4" (6mm), 5/16" (8mm)
Ball Size: 3mm
Threading: Internal
Metal Composition: ASTM F-136 TI6AL4V ELI TITANIUM
Style: Flat Back Labret
Where to Wear It: Earlobes, Conch, Helix, Cartilage, Forward Helix, Tragus, Lip, Monroe, Philtrum