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Titanium belly ring 14g purple Swarovski gemstone prong set internally threaded pick your anodized color 7/16”


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Does purple make your heart flutter? Then you’ve got to see it paired with your favorite anodized color.

This gorgeous combination of deep, royal purple hues makes for an attractive belly button piercing adornment. 

It is a show stopper. The smooth, bead top directs the eyes to gaze into the rich purple hues. Mesmerizing. 

Internally threaded for the smoothest insertion and removal, this piece is a must have for anyone with a navel piercing!

Select your favorite anodized color, and we’ll take it from here.

Sold individually.

Item Specifics:

Gauge: 14g (1.6mm)
Length: 7/16"
Stone Color and Setting: Royal Purple; Prong Set
Metal Composition: Anodized Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
Threading: Internally Threaded

Materials: 14g,Titanium,Curved Barbell,Prong Set Gemstone,Royal Purple,Rose Gold Anodized,Internally Threaded,Belly Ring,Navel Piercing

*Titanium body jewelry is three times the strength of stainless steel. It can withstand adverse conditions, and will not dent or scratch.

Titanium does not change color or corrode from wear or time. In its most natural form, titanium is bio-compatible with almost all types of human skin.

This means that almost anyone can wear titanium jewelry without fear of rashes or discolorations as a result.

Many people who suffer from allergic reactions while wearing gold or silver jewelry can wear titanium without any problems.

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