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Titanium snake ear piercing stud 20g cartilage helix tragus body jewelry earring

Titanium snake ear piercing stud 20g cartilage helix tragus body jewelry earring

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Titanium meets the intricate snake silhouette design. Well done! There's something a bit mystical about snakes. Intelligent, sleek and somewhat slitersome; there is something to be admired about snake inspired jewelry.

With a twist on a traditional butterfly backing earring, this 20g titanium snake earring features a threadless pin snake design. 

Technically there are three parts to this jewelry design. One is the butterfly backing to make it easy to wear the length in multiple earlobe piercings. Second is the titanium shaft, thin at 20g. Perfect thickness for traditionally pierced earlobes! Third is the ultimate in snake design, the threadless end. The snake actually has a "pin" or threadless design and allows the snake end to come off completely from the butterfly back and shaft. 

With these three components, it's easy to clean and maintain. It is also possible to insert the snake into other threadless style pin labrets, if you happen to have a few.

The featured titanium anodizing in the photos is our dark bronze. We highly suggest going with a light or dark bronze if that's your thing. Otherwise, you might fall in love with an ice blue anodized version or perhaps gold!

A rainbow snake would of course be the most colorful choice!

Who knows, we're curious to see what you pick out. Pink would be lovely as well.

Sold Individually. Order quantity 2 for a pair of earrings.

Gauge: 20g
Length: 5/16" (8mm)
Snake Dimensions: 12mm Length
Metal: ASTM F136 Titanium

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