Collection: Adorn Your Navel with Siren Body Jewelry's Stunning Collection of Belly Button Rings: Shop Unique Styles Now

Belly button or navel piercings can be adorned with a plethora of body jewelry, making them creative, alluring, and interesting. Mixing and matching metals such as titanium and stainless steel can help you build a striking collection of belly rings.

A classic belly ring jewelry style is a 14g curved barbell with gemstones or opals. The bottom ball is usually larger for both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Double gemstone dangle pieces with creative and symbolic designs like skulls, flowers, and mandala patterns add an extra layer of beauty to your navel piercing jewelry collection.

If you have a double belly button piercing, you can choose to wear traditional belly button rings in both, or opt for a 14g curved bar with flat gemstone or opal ends in the bottom.

For a floating navel style piercing, your jewelry choices may differ. You can try a "J" curved barbell or a 14g curved barbell with a ball, gem, or opal on the bottom and a cluster piece on top. Your individual aesthetic preferences and piercing angle and depth can influence your choice in body jewelry.

Ultimately, trying out various styles and designs will help you find what makes you happiest.