Collection: Lip Piercing Jewelry | Flat Back Labrets & Hoops

Lip piercings are quick to heal and they look fabulous! Often adorned with clear gemstones, opals or stones, they're are so many fun ways to upgrade your lip piercing jewelry. 

Monroe piercings are seen quite often with a 2mm or a 3mm clear gemstone, often set in titanium, rose gold or gold. Clear goes well with every outfit, so it's a top choice!

Philtrum piercings can feature larger gemstones and opals, often 3mm, 4mm and 5mm for a bold statement. If you really want something unique, try an opal cluster!

Double lip piercings like "snake, spider and angel" bites can mix and match opals and gemstones along with different bead ends and shapes like hearts!

Clear, flexible retainers are a great thing to invest in if you have lip piercings.